Apple sued over ‘What did he say?’ Apple TV feature


Apple sued over ‘What did he say?’ Apple TV feature

Apple has been sued over the Siri feature that lets users say “What did he say?” and have the Apple TV rewind the program and replay that section with subtitles turned on, MacRumors reports. In the lawsuit, CustomPlay contends that the functionality copies its movie companion software. That patent covers, “A remote control capable of activating a replay function comprises a WHAT? button, key, or other replay function key or means, to enable a viewer by activating the replay function to automatically cause the system to: i) rewind or skip backwards the playing of the video a system default or a viewer specific previously defined amount, e.g. 20 seconds; ii) turn on the subtitle to a system default or a viewer specific previously selected subtitle language, e.g. English; iii) turn off the subtitle at either the point the WHAT? button was pressed or at some viewer specific previously defined point.”
That description almost exactly describes what the Apple TV is now capable of, and CustomPlay claims to have contacted Apple pitching an exclusive arrangement for the software in 2014. Apple didn’t pursue it, but did release its own version of the idea in October 2015. CustomPlay claims to be associated with the Nissim Corporation — which has successfully sued Apple over DVD-related patents — and has requested a jury trial seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

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