Apple threatens company over usage of ‘iPed’ name

imageThought Out, the company behind the iPed line of iPod stands, has been hit with a cease and desist notice from Apple regarding the use of the iPed product name. The accessory maker said Apple lawyers sent the letter on Monday, stating that the iPed name could confuse consumers, and weakens Apple’s brand strength.

“Thought Out’s position on this matter is currently neutral with no wishes to construe Apple or any consumer of either product brand,” the company told iLounge. “We simply created a well received product for the iPod consumer. The name iPed was derived from the word i-Ped-estal (with a definition posted on our website – and now the home page). Thought Out’s actions have not been decided for Apple’s request.”

Thought Out currently offers the iPed (iLounge rating: B-), the iPed 2 (iLounge rating: A-), and the iPed shuffle (iLounge rating: B+).

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