Apple to build TD-LTE 4G iPhone for China Mobile?


China Mobile and Apple are in discussions over bringing a TD-LTE 4G version of the iPhone to the world’s largest cellular provider, according to a pair of new reports. Citing China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou, MarketWatch reports that China Mobile has “reached consensus” with Apple on using TD-LTE, the carrier’s fourth-generation cellular data standard, in an iPhone to be offered by China Mobile. The same report notes that Wang said talks with Apple on launching the iPhone remain ongoing, and declined to elaborate on what exactly has been decided upon between the two companies. In a separate report, Bloomberg states that Apple has decided not to make a version of the iPhone for China Mobile’s 3G network, but that it “may” produce a version for the 4G TD-LTE system. Talks between the two companies date back to 2007.

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