Apple to hold ‘Showtime’ event on September 12th

Apple today confirmed that it will hold a special event on Tuesday, September 12th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, California. An invitation sent to select media, including iLounge, features Hollywood premiere-style spotlights and reads simply, “It’s Showtime.” The event will kick off at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Reports of a September 12th press event first surfaced last week after the hosts of the Your Mac Life radio show and European Apple enthusiast websites claimed to have knowledge of the event. Apple’s date choice appears to be intentional, as the event will overlap with the opening day of this year’s Apple Expo in Paris, France, an international Mac and iPod show the company declined to grace with a keynote.

Analysts have speculated that Apple will use a September event to launch numerous product and service offerings, ranging from new iPod nano and video models to a 23-inch iMac, new iPod-inspired phone and a movie download service. Such speculation rarely proves entirely accurate, however, as few people know Apple’s plans for certain until the event actually takes place. As always, iLounge will be on hand with updates.

  1. “new video nano with larger screen”

    Why do people want video on a nano so much? Why would you want to watch videos on a screen that’s smaller than 2.5″? Besides, how much videos AND music can you fit on a nano even if it has 8 GB?

  2. I really hope there will be a new ipod.
    I have held back getting any ipod since my ipod mini died.
    So far I have missed out, the photo, nano, and now video.
    Hope my wait will pay off.

  3. Showtime relates to movies, which means the annoucement will probably be about an iTunes movie service.
    They may well introduce new iPods, but I doubt that will be the main focus of the events.

  4. ITMovieS…movies, obviously, downloaded like tv or tunes currently….

    and a revised airport that streams movies to tv from computer….so these movies are high enough res to play in HD: the only way paying $15 for a new release is “worth it”.

    (gleaned from other mac sites…makes the most sense to me)

  5. guys… the name of the event is “It’s Showtime”, and they invited Ilounge, so obviously we’re talking here about a new iPod with expanded video capabilities or, at least, the full movie download service on iTunes…

  6. i want to see a larger capacity hdd in a video iPod like an 80GB…i could care less about buying movies on iTunes or an upgraded nano…

  7. From the event name, it seems certain that they will debut new movie downloads for iTunes, but I wouldn’t bet on anything else. They may not even announce any iPods- although I hope they do.

  8. Hey, when they mensioned Red Therater Curtains, they released the iPod 5G and Frontrow. If its showtime that means movies, so I guess new iMac, iMovies (for buying or renting, not iLife program), and updates to all the iPods. The nano might be replaced, but I expect a new version like the Mini.

  9. i hear that this event may announce the introduction of a new mac mini with an up’d spec……i guess we have a few days to wait to find out.
    but obviously he main thing everyone is waiting for is the new ipod.

  10. what about a global itunes store?

    I am sick of the country restrictions, it is soooo stupid ( I know it comes from the media companies)

  11. Jesse…… YUP! You’re definetly an idiot. It’s called an online movie store, that’s whats gonna be introduced.Widescreen ipods aren’t ready yet.

  12. says it will probably be just an upgraded 5G, which is really just an upgraded Photo, which itself is just an upgraded 4G.

  13. I’m perfectly happy with my current iPod with Video. The screen is the perfect size for on the go use. I may consider purchasing any new Ipod with Video if the differences are really that great.

  14. “And, Apple decided not using Intel ever again.”

    Ha, what are you joking? There is no way Apple will switch back to PPC. I can imagine it now…”Introducing the Powerbook G5…exactly the same as a Macbook Pro, but with a slower processor!!!”

  15. “i hear that this event may announce the introduction of a new mac mini with an up’d spec……i guess we have a few days to wait to find out. ”
    They already updated the mac mini a few days or maybe a week ago. Just didnt make any fuzz about it. Go check apple store

  16. “They already updated the mac mini a few days or maybe a week ago. Just didnt make any fuzz about it. Go check apple store”

    What are you talking about? If you’re talking about having Core Solo or Core Duo, that’s been there since February.

    It would be nice to get a MB or MBP with Core Duo 2…

  17. Iam pretty sure apple won’t launch truely 4plus widescreen ipods. I know nano will upgrade with aluminium body, various colors and full length movies download service. Also i hope Apple will launch monthly subcriptions service and higher bit rate atleast 160kbps or 192kbps( which won’t happen but).

  18. Okay “Beetches”

    Honestly, STFU. You’re the real idiot dumbass. You dont know whats ready, you dont work at Apple. Learn to accept an opinion.

  19. There is also the possibility of Apple launching Leopard (OSX 10.5) they’ve been previewing it for sometime on the site now, its due for a launch very soon.

    I would imagine there will be some sort of new ipod either updated nano’s or the ‘true’ video ipod along with the launch of the movie service on iTunes.

  20. Well we now know that they won’t be debuting the larger Mac on the 12th… because well they are out . Strange that they didn’t wait 6 days for a real announcement, but maybe this means other BIGGER things are coming… I’m not planning to buy a new iPod but it still interests me.

  21. If you remember when the iPod Video was released last year, Apple had earlier reported that they didn’t have the Video technology ready yet.

    I’m thinking we’ll see the same type of thing here. Apple making us believe one thing, then “surprising” us when they do release the true video iPod.

    “I’m hoping for a higher capacity nano at the same price points.

  22. If they do intend to “surprise” us, they’re a little slow- people have been expecting a true video iPod in one form or another for a few years now.

  23. Speaking of the iPod, they claim that we’ll see the 2G iPod nano, and it’ll be aluminum and colored, like the iPod mini. Weird…but it’ll scratch less, I suppose. (Remember that Amazon has strangely begun taking pre-orders for the iPod mini.)

    The iPod will see a capacity bump to 40GB/80GB, but it’s not looking like we’ll see a proper “6G” iPod here – I’m not sure what else they can add to the iPod in its current form, anyway. The iTunes Movie Store will launch alongside the more capacious iPods. Yay!

    As for the touchscreen “true video” iPod, they claim that it’s been pushed back into “early next year.” Maybe Apple will resume their tradition of announcing a new iPod at MWSF.

    No mention of the iPod shuffle. Maybe the iPod nano will drop in price even further, and the shuffle will se a price drop? I’m not sure I can imagine a screenless player with much more than 1GB in space, anyway.

  24. They need to release a nano with built-in wireless capabilities. The Nike+ accessory is nice, but it needs to be built in so they can support more wireless features.

  25. Come on … The Core 2 Duo laptops from Dell are out now. Apple’s now on the Intel treadmill, so they need to introduce the MacBook Pro2.

  26. Everyone is talking video/widescreen/80gb but I’m I the only person that really could use/want a bluetooth iPod. Not only for wireless headphones but also for those of us without Front Row (powerbook G4) it would be awesome to be able to use the iPod as a bluetooth remote with keynote.. If I see I iPod Phone with bluetooth I’m al over it, i’d be willing to pay more then 299 the current iPod video costs!

  27. I agree, I think ‘the phil’ is right on the money.

    Gatez there is no way that they will release Leopard any earlier then Spring of 2007, and if history is any indication, it will most likely be delayed until Summer or Fall. I can’t wiat to get my hands on that BTW.

    There is a possibility that Apple will release an 80gig Widescreen player, but I think that is still a ways out yet.

    The iPhone/Handheld is coming, read their patent applications. Good news for you L.U. Guy, I am sure it will have bluetooth.

    I’d like to see them launch the video service, and the widescreen iPod w/80gb. But I am a bit of a dreamer.

    I hope to see a new interface similar to Front Row for the ‘6G ipod’, I think it would work great with the click wheel on present iPod videos. I suppose it would be redundant if the new iPod has a touchscreen.

  28. Has anyone seen the ‘BluPod’ add-on? Sound like a great idea to me. What we really need is a ‘PodHub’ to connect all these great iPod devices to a single iPod at once. But the I suppose they would have to upgrade the iPod to an Intel Chipset. Introducing the ‘Core Duo 2Pod’! Why not? Think different right.

  29. As long as there is an iPod intro’d, I will be happy. Video iPod, Nano bump, branded phone, any of these paired with the term “available immmediately” and my lunch break will be spent at the Apple store. Movie downloads and a capacity bump in the 5G and I will be just as dissapointed as when they announced the Hi-Fi. Surely we will be blessed with a new product that kicks ass, it has been long enough.

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