Apple to recall some first-gen iPod nanos in Korea

Apple Korea has agreed to recall some first-generation iPod nano units following consumer complaints of overheating batteries in the devices. The Wall Street Journal reports that on June 25, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards sent a request to Apple asking it to recall all first-gen nanos with lithium ion batteries made by Chinese manufacturer ATL, it announced in a statement. “Although the overheating problem doesn’t affect the batteries that are being used now in iPod nanos, concerned customers can get a replacement battery,” Apple Korea was quoted as saying in the KATS statement. First-generation iPod nano units have been accused of bursting into flames on several different occasions dating back to October 2007; Apple also drew the ire of regulators in Japan over the battery problems and eventually released a statement explaining the problem and offering replacements to affected customers. [via Engadget]

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