Apple to streamline Genius Bar, Workshop scheduling online

Apple will be making changes to its Genius Bar and Workshop services online, more deeply integrating them within individual Apple Store Retail pages as soon as Tuesday, August 25, 9to5Mac reports. In a note to retail employees, Apple said the updated service will focus on accessibility for those with visual and hearing impairments and provide a much more streamlined interaction for users on mobile devices. Like the upgraded Apple website, the new system will have unique appearances customized for viewing on desktops, smartphones and tablets. Sources briefed on the plans said in addition to moving to individual store pages, the existing complex array of Workshop scheduling options will be narrowed down within three categories — Discover, Create and Organize — making it easier for customers to select the workshops that apply to them. The system will also provide deep social media integration for sharing Workshops on Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, QQ, and email.

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