With over 2,700 votes from iLounge readers, our latest poll—“Would a $30 monthly iTunes TV subscription service be enough to make you buy an Apple TV?”—has ended. Readers had positive options for indicating that they would consider purchasing an Apple TV if iTunes introduced a TV subscription service that included all or most of the shows that viewers enjoy watching, or if Apple changed the Apple TV hardware or pricing. Alternatively, readers could indicate that they would not be interested in purchasing an Apple TV even with these improvements, or that they already owned Apple TV hardware.

Interestingly, a 48% plurality of respondents indicated that a $30 iTunes TV subscription service would not be enough to convince them to purchase an Apple TV, while 22% of respondents indicated that they would purchase an Apple TV if the subscription service included all of the shows they enjoyed watching and only 8% would purchase it if they could only get most of their favorite shows. By comparison, 7% indicated that they would only consider purchasing an Apple TV if Apple increased the storage capacity or lowered the price, and 14% of respondents indicated that they already own an Apple TV unit. Thanks for all your votes!

In our new poll, we ask what you think Apple should name its upcoming tablet device, assuming that it’s going to be iPhone OS-based. Several names have been tossed around over the past few months, and we’re wondering which one you think is the best or most likely name for the upcoming device? iTablet, iBook, iPad, iPod touch XL, iSlate or something else entirely? Our new poll, “What should Apple name its upcoming tablet device?” lets you answer that question. If you have a preference that’s not amongst the listed choices, vote as such, and post it in the comments of this article. As always, you can find the iLounge Poll in the left-hand column of the main iLounge.com homepage. Cast your vote today!


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