Apple TV Software Update 5.2 adds Bluetooth input, more

Apple TV Software Update 5.2 adds Bluetooth input, more 1

Apple today released Apple TV software version 5.2 for the second- and third- generation streaming media players. Arriving alongside iOS 6.1, the update brings enhanced support for iTunes in the Cloud, the addition of the Up Next feature introduced in iTunes 11, and long-awaited Bluetooth keyboard support. Apple notes that the Apple TV can now be controlled by Bluetooth wireless keyboards—the first official feature to unlock Bluetooth hardware that sat unused in the devices up until now.

As with all Apple TV software, version 5.2 can be downloaded directly from the Apple TV’s Settings > General menu.

Additionally, a third version of the update was released, for the yet-unannounced AppleTV3,2. The second- and third-generations are denoted as AppleTV2,1 and AppleTV3,1, respectively. It’s not clear what this new hardware entails, or when it may be coming. Notably, MacRumors suggests it may be an international model.

  1. Yes, but have they fixed the MAJOR BUGS?

    In 5.1 they broke the UK parental controls (U & PG OK, but 12,12a,15,& 18 all require PIN – regardless of what cert. is set as the maximum).
    Also the WiFi streaming from iTunes was broken in 5.1 and since then the homeshare and network stack constantly crashes and drops out – this is a firmware bug in the ATV units and is a major issue which is all over the ATV forums but Apple have not responded to.

  2. To me streaming purchased music is the biggie.

    Amazon has been doing this right along, why it took so long for Apple is beyond me. You could stream purchased video content but until now no music.

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