Apple TV update adds NHL, WSJ content

Apple TV update adds NHL, WSJ content 1

Apple TV update adds NHL, WSJ content 2

Today’s software update for the Apple TV brought with it two surprising new features: support for NHL and WSJ content. In the release notes, Apple touts the new National Hockey League feature, which offers live games, highlights, scores, and more, as well as Wall Street Journal Live, which offers on-demand streaming of video content from the Wall Street Journal. In addition, the update also brings with it a new interface for movie trailers, which is highly similar to the prior interface for movies. The latest Apple TV Software Update—listed as software version 4.4 (3140) and iOS version 5.0 (9a334v)—is available now via the Update Software option in the device’s general settings menu.

  1. Still no Hulu+ support…

    TV show rentals are still MIA from iTunes…

    Therefore, there’s still no reason not to use a Mac Mini as an HTPC in lieu of the still-crippled aTV.

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