Apple is now unlocking all AT&T iPhone 4 units purchased at the “no commitment” price, according to a new report. Citing an internal Apple sales training document, Mac Rumors reports that there are now two ways a customer can purchase an unlocked iPhone 4 at the Apple Store. The first is to purchase an unlocked iPhone without a micro-SIM card inside, while the second is to purchase any iPhone 4 with an AT&T micro-SIM inside “at full price.” “These models will also be unlocked whether the customer signs up for an AT&T service plan or chooses the Device Only purchase option,” reads the document. It also notes that “All devices sold at the unsubsidized prices of $649 and $749 will be unlocked and can be activated and used on supported GSM carrier networks.” Apple began selling unlocked iPhone 4 units in the U.S. for the first time earlier this month.

Charles Starrett

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