Apple updates Events tvOS app for Oct. 30 special event

In preparation for next week’s special event, Apple has updated its Apple Events app for the Apple TV, which will allow users to watch the live stream of the event on the big screen. The app has been polished a bit with the update to reflect the more colourful theme found on the invitations that it sent out last week; although it doesn’t quite include the staggering collection of logos that were used for the invites, Apple has managed to showcase four unique variations — one on the app’s home screen icon, another one on the title page for the event in the app itself, a third distinct one in the icon on the app’s preview page, and a fourth in a banner advertising the app on the tvOS App Store. As with past special events, Apple will also be broadcasting the event live via its Apple Events page, which can be viewed using Safari on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, however since of course the Apple TV doesn’t include a browser, the Apple Events tvOS app is the means of accessing the live feed from Apple’s set-top box.

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