Apple updates TestFlight program with support for multiple builds

Apple has released an update to its TestFlight app for iOS developers and their beta testers, adding support for managing multiple builds, enhancing groups, and improving tester management, as well as extending the beta period time frame to 90 days. With the new capabilities, developers can now distribute multiple builds of a given app at the same time, allowing beta testers to either choose a specific build to test, or creating groups of TestFlight users that are assigned to different builds. Beta testers will also now be able to continue using a build when it goes live on the App Store, avoiding the disruption or having to switch to the App Store version and then later switch back to the TestFlight version when the next beta cycle begins. While the official Apple announcement doesn’t mention any changes to the beta testing timeframe, AppleInsider reports that the validity period for builds has also been extended to 90 days, providing developers with a longer period for their testers to work with development builds.


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