Apple Watch: storage limits outlined, replaceable battery

All Apple Watch models have 8 GB of storage, but there are limits on how that storage can be used, 9to5Mac reports. A maximum of 2 GB can be allocated to music, and only 75 MB can be used for photos on the Photos app, as confirmed by Apple. That translates to roughly 200 songs and 100 photos that can be accessed even when the watch is away from an iPhone. The rest of the space will likely be reserved for the system’s OS, apps, and other internal data.

In other Apple Watch news, TechCrunch reports that Apple has confirmed the watch’s battery will be replaceable. Details on how much it will cost for Apple to replace the battery — and what the replacement process will entail — are still unclear.

Apple has also confirmed (way down in the fine print on the Apple Watch info pages) that the watch is “splash and water resistant but not waterproof.” So you can work out, walk in the rain and wash your hands, but no scuba diving.

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