Apple wins logo battle; Jobs hopeful for Beatles on iTunes

Apple Computer has won the trademark lawsuit brought on by the Beatles’ Apple Corps, and can continue using its logo on the iTunes Music Store, a judge in the U.K. ruled Monday. Apple Corps has long-accused Apple Computer of violating a 1991 agreement by moving into the music business.

The iPod maker has contended that iTunes was primarily a data transmission service and permitted by the agreement. Judge Edward Mann of Britain’s High Court ruled that Apple Computer did not breach the agreement because the logo is used for the store itself and not the music. “I think the use of the apple logo is a fair and reasonable use of the mark in connection with the service,” Mann said in his judgment.

“I find no breach of the trademark agreement has been demonstrated. The action therefore fails.”
Apple CEO Steve Jobs said he was happy to end the courtroom battle, and said he looked forward to getting the Beatles’ music on the iTunes Music Store. “We are glad to put this disagreement behind us,” Jobs said.