Apple working hard to get Beatles on iTunes Music Store

Following its legal win in the trademark battle with Apple Corps, Apple Computer says it will now work hard to get the Beatles’ music catalog on the iTunes Music Store. “We certainly will do everything we can to get them on iTunes,” Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes, told Bloomberg News. “The Beatles aren’t available in any digital format today but they are going to be one day. We certainly hope that happens on iTunes.” After the ruling in the dispute was given earlier this week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had similar words. “We are glad to put this disagreement behind us,” Jobs said. “We have always loved the Beatles, and hopefully we can now work together to get them on the iTunes Music Store.” Apple Corps said last month that it is remastering the Beatles’ catalog to make the songs available for purchase online.
Analysts say that an agreement between Apple Corps and Apple Computer makes financial sense. “Business is business,” said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Jupiter Research. “Apple’s strongest argument is that we’re the dominant music service in the market and we work with the dominant music player, so you’re going to sell more music here. Let bygones be bygones and let’s make money together.” Phil Leigh, an analyst with Inside Digital Media, said it’s a no-brainer for Apple Corps. because of the popularity of iTunes and the iPod. “They’re not going to refuse to market through iTunes since it’s the most popular site and it’s linked to the iPod,” said Leigh.

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