Apple working on fix for Lightning EarPods glitch

After iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners started taking to Twitter to complain that the volume controls on their new Lightning EarPods stopped working, Apple said it is working on a fix, Business Insider reports. Some users have noticed that after a while of being plugged into the Lightning port, the EarPods keep playing music but the volume control dongle stops working, preventing them from using it to change the volume, answer calls or activate Siri.
The issue also affects headphones connected to the Lightning port through the 3.5mm headphone adapter, indicating it’s a problem with the way the iPhone handles the Lightning connection and giving critics of the decision to remove the headphone jack something to gloat about. The problem is intermittent and can be temporarily fixed by simply unplugging the EarPods and plugging them back in, but an Apple spokesperson said the company will fix the problem in a future software update.


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