Apple’s Certified Refurbished Products Online Store gets major overhaul

Apple has launched a significantly redesigned version of its Certified Refurbished Products online store, bringing the new section inline with the rest of Apple’s overall design. Apple’s Certified Refurbished Products Online Store lists products that company sells as refurbished, which could range from simple open box returns to those that have been swapped out for customers and later repaired by Apple. Refurbished products sell for up to 15 percent less than brand new, and come with normal warranty coverage; Apple emphasizes that every product goes through a “rigorous refurbishment process that includes full testing” and comes with “guaranteed Apple quality.” Prior to the redesign, the store page for refurbished products was significantly out of line with the rest of Apple’s site, clearly looking like something from a bygone era. The new page features a more spacious layout that more closely resembles Apple’s main online store, with a “Featured Offers” section front and centre and quick access to specific product categories right from a simplified visual menu at the top of the screen, where users can drill down to find deals on everything from Macs to Apple Pencils. [via 9to5Mac]

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