Apple’s Eddy Cue: ‘We’re not trying to compete with Netflix or compete with Comcast.’

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, provided some interesting perspective into Apple’s strategy in regards to television services and providers, tacitly denying many recent reports suggesting the company is pushing into original content. Cue emphatically denied that Apple is looking to acquire a studio or launch its own streaming TV service anytime soon, suggesting that Apple’s strategy is instead to work with many content providers and allow end users to “consume content in a much better way.”
Cue said that it’s not specifically Apple’s goal to replace the cable box, but that he believes the Apple TV is “a lot better box than a cable box” by allowing content providers to take advantage of new interactivity that didn’t exist in the past, as he referred to current cable box and satellite receiver technology as “nothing more than a glorified VCR.” In a similar vein, Cue dismisses most “skinny” cable packages as missing the point, as most people ultimately “end up paying more, not less, for the things they love” and that he believes the problem is rooted in the archaic way that cable content is delivered to consumers such that they don’t feel like they’re “getting their money’s worth.”

When asked about recent rumors about the company pushing into original content, Cue suggested that Apple would probably not even take up an offer of a packaged show with a big-name star, as the company doesn’t see itself as being in the business of trying to create TV shows, and doesn’t want to extend itself to “areas that we know very little about or don’t have a lot of expertise in.” While Cue notes that Apple is open to ideas that are complementary to Apple Music or innovative platform solutions, they may get involved, but they’re “not trying to compete with Netflix or compete with Comcast.” Cue noted that the Planet of the Apps show was producer Ben Silverman’s idea, and Apple saw a specific fit as the company “felt like there were things that he wanted to do in the show that, if we helped him with it, it would be way better or only possible if we did it.” When asked about the show that Dr. Dre is reportedly working on, Cue was more tight-lipped, saying simply that Apple has “nothing to say about it at this point” and that “Dre is an amazingly talented individual and he’s always working on projects.”

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