Apple’s German website adds Apple Pay support page, but still no launch

Apple’s German website now features a support page explaining how to use Apple Pay, but the mobile payment service still hasn’t debuted in the country. Rumors about an impending Apple Pay launch in Germany started over the weekend, when a Reddit user unearthed several hints on Apple’s website, including a map that showed Germany highlighted alongside other Apple Pay countries. The new page wasn’t taken down after it was discovered, but it also doesn’t look like it’s complete, with the images featuring bank logos and user locations that are displayed on the U.S. version of the site.
Tim Cook mentioned Apple Pay in yesterday’s earnings call, promising a rollout in Spain in the next few months but notably leaving out that the payment system was coming to Germany. Apple Pay went live in Russia earlier this month and just debuted in Japan, where it encountered some pretty serious problems with integrating JR East’s Suica transit cards. [via Apple Insider]

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