Apple’s Jen Folse leaving Apple TV team for Caffeine social broadcasting startup

Apple TV design lead Jen Folse is leaving Apple to head to social broadcasting startup Caffeine, where she will serve as VP of Product, 9to5Mac reports. Folse is likely best known to Apple keynote watchers as the face of Apple TV, having taken the stage in several recent Apple events to demo tvOS and related features such as Apple’s new TV app. While the news has been circulating for a few weeks that Folse planned to follow other ex-Apple team members to Caffeine, the startup has now made the new official with a press release, noting that Folse will “be responsible for leading the product experience, roadmap, and product design team” and touting her as a “world-class product design leader who has lived at the intersection of technology and TV products at Apple.”

In the press release, Folse herself also added, “I had every intention of staying at Apple for a long time to come, but in looking at Caffeine, I felt like I was looking at a new and exciting way for people to discover and consume live content, and knew I could make an impact leading the product experience […] and am excited to start working with the rest of the talented team here at Caffeine to bring this new technology to the masses.”

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