Apple’s missing iPod shuffle 3G ad revealed on iTunes?

Apple has added an iTunes Store promotional graphic and song listing for a third-generation iPod shuffle advertisement that has not appeared. The graphic takes users to an unusually sparse and seemingly unfinished page listing the songs “Happy Up Here” by Röyksopp, “1901” by Phoenix, and “Rich Girls” by The Virgins, all under the heading of “iPod Shuffle Ad Songs,” with the “s” in shuffle atypically capitalized. In addition, the promo graphic, three-track album art, and main page header graphic all use a Voice Over talk bubble-like graphic, populated by art similar to that seen on Röyksopp’s new album Junior. It is unclear whether the songs were planned for use in an upcoming or cancelled set of shuffle advertisements, and whether Apple intentionally or errantly posted the song listing.

Update: iLounge readers report that the songs come from a web banner ad that appeared earlier this week on; however, the ad does not appear to be visible now.

Update x2: Continue reading to see a screenshot of the web-based advertisement, which was found on allmusic. Thanks to our readers for helping to track this down.

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