Apple’s Shortcuts app now available on the App Store, replacing Workflow

Alongside the release of iOS 12 earlier today, Apple has made its new Shorcuts app available on the App Store. While iOS 12 introduces “Siri Shortcuts” as a built-in feature that allows users to assign key phrases to run single actions in built-in and third-party apps, Apple is delivering the more complicated macro-style Shortcuts functionality as a separate app that runs on top of iOS 12. Apple made the Shortcuts app available via TestFlight beta earlier this year for developers and public beta testers running iOS 12, but with the public release of iOS 12, Shortcuts now directly replaces the Workflow app that Apple [acquired last year], basically installing as a “Workflow 2.0” but with the new name of “Shortcuts” although the new version omits the Apple Watch app that was previously available in the original version of Workflow; it’s unclear whether the watchOS app will return in a future update. Apple has also posted a short tutorial on using Shortcuts along with a more in-depth Shortcuts User Guide

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