In an interview with Fortune, Apple CEO Steve Jobs answers the question of how the iPod has changed Apple. “It feels great,” Jobs says. “We’re having fun. Most of us can’t wait to get to work in the morning. But it’s not like Apple has somehow morphed into a mass-market consumer electronics company. Our DNA hasn’t changed. It’s that mass-market consumer electronics is turning into Apple.”

Jobs also discusses how young people are migrating to iPods and matching portable speakers from larger stereos made by electronics giants.

“You or I move into a new house, and the first thing we do is call the phone company to get our land line turned on. Kids, they just move in with their cell phones. Stereos are the same: Kids aren’t getting stereos; they’re getting speakers for their iPods,” Jobs says. “That’s become the audio market. People are buying iPods and Bose speakers instead of a JVC or Sony stereo system. And those guys have never come to us and said, ‘Could we work with you on the iPod?’ Some companies are prisoners of their point of view.”

LC Angell

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