Apps: 120 Sports, Civilization Revolution 2, Health Mate 2.2 + Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


The new 120 Sports app from the company of the same name is a new player in the world of sports coverage. A free app that requires no cable subscription, 120 Sports offers highlights and discussion of major sports leagues. 120 Sports claims to show “8+ hours of live programming every night — real-time, unfiltered, trending, unbiased coverage of the entire world of sports at the action happens.” The app also includes more than 100 on-demand videos. It’s an interesting idea, and though there are undoubtedly a few kinks to work out coverage-wise at the start of 120 Sports’ run, we’ll see if an iOS-based sports coverage network can make an impact. If you’re a sports fan, it’s definitely worth the free download.

Apps: 120 Sports, Civilization Revolution 2, Health Mate 2.2 + Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 ($15) from 2K is the first game in the acclaimed Civilization series to be developed exclusively for mobile devices. The game is similar to the first Civ Revolution, but features new 3D graphics. Also included are new military units, technology, buildings and wonders, and a scenario mode for reenacting historical events and battles. Keep in mind the original Civilization Revolution is only $3 — paying $15 for the new version will depend on how much you care about the redesigned graphics and other updates.
Apps: 120 Sports, Civilization Revolution 2, Health Mate 2.2 + Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Withings has updated its free Health Mate app to version 2.2.0. The fitness tracking app — which will also be the app used in conjunction with Withings’ upcoming Activité watch — now adds a heart rate sensor. You place your finger on the iPhone’s camera, and in 10 seconds, you’ll get a heart rate reading. A new app design keeps the most important information at the top of your timeline. Additionally, Health Mate now offers the option of sharing any fitness achievement with a selfie, if that’s something which interests you.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS ($15) has arrived in the U.S. App Store. First released in 2008 for PlayStation Portable, the well-reviewed game has players taking down giant monsters as they make their way through a number of quests. As you might expect, the gameplay has been optimized for touchscreens, though MFi game controller support is offered. The graphics have been optimized for newer iOS devices, and online play lets four players hunt together over a Wi-Fi connection. Though Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an older title, those who missed it on PSP might find now is the perfect time to slay Capcom’s beasts.

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