Apps: 1Password 4.5, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Health Mate 2.0 + WeMo 1.5.1

AgileBits is calling its newest version of 1Password ($9) its biggest update ever — an apt time for it, considering the catastrophic Heartbleed bug. The password manager and secure wallet app has been rebuilt for speed and productivity in version 4.5. 1Password now supports multiple vaults and sharing from the Mac or Windows versions of 1Password. Multiple Dropbox accounts are also now supported. The app’s browser has been improved, with easier login and checkout, and one button for autofill.

New from Gameloft is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($5), a new fighting adventure based on the upcoming film. Players can guide an impressively-animated Spider-Man through an open world, web-slinging and wall climbing while fighting many recognizable characters from the Spider-Man universe. While the game has been designed to encourage exploration, enabling Spider-Man to move throughout a giant and impressively populated city, the swinging, climbing, and jumping controls haven’t quite been perfected, nor have the camera controls, collectively making navigation and movement somewhat confusing. The non-linear design also leaves Spider-Man to fight minor crooks and take on side missions that feel both repetitive and not particularly meaningful, rather than tackling big villains. It’s not a bad game, but with a bit of extra polish, it could have been a great one.


Health Mate (free) from Withings has updated to version 2.0. The new Health Mate has added step tracking with set goals. A new timeline adds insights, badges, tips, and reminders that will help users change their daily routines to be more active, sleep better, and lose weight. It’s also possible to invite friends to join in and compare steps.



Belkin’s free WeMo app has updated to version 1.5.1. The updated app now interacts with IFTTT — a long-press can trigger customizable IFTTT recipes without turning on the light. A new away mode makes it look like users are at home when they’re not. And greater scheduling flexibility allows users to to create more events related to sunrise and sunset.

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