1Password ($18), AgileBits’ password manager and secure wallet app, has been updated to version 4.2. The update includes a number of improvements to 1Browser, the app’s built-in web browser, including use of a strong password generator. It’s now possible to share items through Messages or email. Search has also been improved, with the ability to expand results across all fields. Results also show the primary URL of the term, as well.

Apps: 1Password, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, Hue + Running with Friends

Amazon Mobile has released Amazon Cloud Drive Photos (free), an app for storing photos in Amazon’s cloud. The app automatically saves photos taken while the app is running. Amazon offers 5GB of free storage to save about 2,000 photos. Users can buy up to 1TB of additional storage.
The Philips Hue (free) app for Philips’ Hue lightbulbs has updated to version 1.1.0. Notably, the app now features a geofencing feature which allows specific color patterns to turn on automatically when a user comes home, and turn off when a user leaves. Alarms can now be set to recur in a weekly schedule, and alarm fades now start at the set time instead of ending at the set time. The updated Hue app also improves colors for LivingColors and lights for LivingWhites.


Zynga’s Running with Friends (free) is an endless runner game that lets players run through a cartoony version of Pamplona, Spain, running from bulls and dodging obstacles along the way. As expected from a Zynga game, Running with Friends puts an emphasis on competing with friends. The game moves slower than some endless runners, such as Temple Run, and we also experienced some slowdown during gameplay on older devices. If you’re a big fan of Zynga’s titles, or if you’re an endless runner enthusiast, perhaps it’s worth taking a look, but Running with Friends is forgettable.

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