2K Drive ($5) from 2K Sports has updated to version 1.6. The new British car pack brings four new cars from Land Rover, Vauxhall, and Jaguar to the game. New events have also been added to 2K Drive, and users who were completely unable to play the game before can now get past the tutorial level and purchase cars. Additionally, vehicle control improvements have been made, including steering sensitivity tweaks, though the default steering is pretty challenging.

Apps: 2K Drive 1.6, Lens Tutorial 1.4, Memoir + Pocket Casts 4.0

Lens Tutorial (free) from Smart Learn Apps isn’t the prettiest-looking app around, but it makes up for its lack of aesthetic appeal through education. The app, now updated for version 1.4, shows how to use a variety of camera lenses, demonstrating visually how their aperture, distance from subject, and width/zoom level change their depth of field. More than 3,400 digital cameras are now included after the most recent update. The app also offers a high-contrast scheme with large fonts for outdoor use.
Memoir (free) is a newer app that aims to let users search not just photos, but memories — the free app claims to automatically find photos of you and your friends during certain moments. The app can search for photos by way of people, places, dates, context, and more, and it “magically fills in the blanks” without need for further organization. Photos shared by friends can be automatically added. All of a user’s “memories” are stored for free in the Memoir cloud. The app’s designers claim demand is currently high, so some delays are occurring.


Pocket Casts ($4) from ShiftyJelly is a much-loved, much-needed alternative to Apple’s own Podcasts app. Version 4.0 is redesigned for iOS 7. Automatic downloads are now enabled, and podcasts now sync to other iOS devices, as well. That means iPad support has also made its way into the app, which is now boasting “hundreds” of “powerful new features.”

Phil Dzikiy

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