Apps: Adobe Voice, Cinamatic, GoodReader 4 + Record Run

Adobe’s new Adobe Voice (free) app lets users create videos in minutes, backed by their own voices. It’s very easy to use — you record some audio, and then pick a photo or icon to back the recording. Users can change the layout, pick from pre-set visual themes, and pick music for a backing soundtrack. The app also provides access to Creative Commons-licensed material for use in the video, which can be shared on a number of social networks. Of course, your own photos can be used, as well.

It’s best to think of Voice as a presentation maker, rather than a true short film creator.

Apps: Adobe Voice, Cinamatic, GoodReader 4 + Record Run

Another new short video app debuting recently is Cinamatic ($2), from Hipstamatic. Unlike Voice, Cinamatic is more of a filmmaking app. The app lets users shoot 3 to 15-second films and add video filters. Those videos can be posted to Instagram, Vine, or Facebook.

It’s another short filmmaking app joining a space that’s getting a bit more crowded — perhaps the filters and the app’s design will be enough to get Vine and Instagram video users to take a look.
GoodReader 4 from Good.iWare is a new universal app that adds a number of new features to go along with the same PDF reading functionality GoodReader apps have had in the past. iOS users can now insert blank pages, rearrange pages in a document, rotate individual pages, delete pages, append pages from other PDF files and more. Users of the old GoodReader app can transfer all files and settings using the Migration Assistant. GoodReader 4 is available for $3 for a limited time.


Harmonix’s Record Run (free) is a new endless runner that creates levels based on your music collection.