Apps: AmpliTube Orange, Fantastical 2, IFTTT 2.0 + Monument Valley


IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube Orange ($15) is a new version of the studio recording app, featuring the look and sound of the legendary Orange amplifiers. Like the standard AmpliTube app, AmpliTube Orange is a guitar/bass multi-FX processor and recording studio that connects a guitar to an iOS device using various IK Multimedia products. But IK says the new app was “developed with careful guidance from the tone gurus at Orange to ensure the authenticity of the sound.” The app lets users pick from six amp models and three stompbox models. Users of the original AmpliTube app can get Orange gear models through in-app purchase.

Apps: AmpliTube Orange, Fantastical 2, IFTTT 2.0 + Monument Valley

Flexibits’ popular Fantastical 2 calendar app has launched for iPad with Fantastical 2 for iPad ($15). Fantastical 2 features a dashboard with multiple views, background app updates, and TextExpander support, in addition to plenty of other features. Users can set dates, times and geofences on reminders. Notably, Fantastical 2 supports other calendar services, including Apple’s built-in Calendar app. The app even offers dictation for making events; dictation isn’t supported on iPad 2, however. Fantastical 2 for iPad is currently on sale for $10.
IFTTT (free) has come to the iPad with version 2.0. The update brings an iOS notifications channel to the app, allowing any IFTTT recipe to appear as an iOS push notification. Another new feature is the iOS Photos Trigger, which lets users customize what they can do with photos taken in a specific area. New recipe collections have been added to the app, as well.


Monument Valley ($4) from ustwo is a long-awaited puzzle game. Players guide the main character, Ida, through three-dimensional monuments which can be moved, shifted, and twisted to get the silent princess to her destination. The game is visually stunning, and it’s already drawn plenty of MC Escher references due to its landscape illusions. Monument Valley is the latest winner in a streak of quiet, fun, beautiful iOS games this year, and it may be the best of the bunch.

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