Apps: Amtrak 1.6, Flipboard 2.0.5, Plants vs Zombies 2 1.1 + Yelp 7.0

Amtrak has updated its free app to version 1.6. The app now features redesigned station details with more features, including more hours and improved map integration. Recently selected stations are now included in the station list for easy access. It’s also easier to switch arrival and departure stations on search pages.

The free Flipboard app is now at version 2.0.5, and with the update comes… GIFs, which are now supported on Flipboard for both iPad and iPhone. The day’s top stories have also been divided into sections for News, Tech, Business, and Sports.


PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies 2 (free) has finally made its way to the U.S. App Store. Now at version 1.1, the sequel features new plants, new zombies, new levels, and new ways to protect your brain—also, zombie chickens. For more details on the game, see our previous entry in apps. Version 1.1 improves the music, increases the number of Yeti appearances, and adds a “new surprise” after the Wild West zone.



Yelp has reached version 7.0.0, and it’s now possible for Yelp users to add reviews from an iPhone. It may seem strange to think that wasn’t an option before, but Mobile Reviews now lets users write reviews from within the Yelp app on the road. Before, users could only add tips from the app, but not full reviews.

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