Rovio’s original Angry Birds ($1) now features a brand new episode, Red’s Mighty Feathers, in which the Red Bird gains new powers from the Mighty Eagle. Instead of seeking to defeat the pigs, Red Bird is defending his eggs in this episode, making for a shift in gameplay. The new levels in version 3.2 also incorporate gameplay from Rovio’s Bad Piggies game, as the pigs advance in contraptions to steal eggs. Red’s Mighty Feathers features 15 new levels.

Apps: Angry Birds 3.2, Limbo, Vine 1.3 + Yahoo! Weather

Playdead’s acclaimed sidescroller Limbo ($5) finally makes its way to iOS. Having debuted for XBox Live Arcade in 2010, the game features a young boy making his way through a dark forest. A quiet, atmospheric game in black and white, Limbo gives users no indication on how to control its character or what to do next. It can leave gamers a bit lost at first when sending the boy into another gruesome death, but the trial-and-error nature of the game almost begs users to walk into certain death to figure out a better way to navigate its puzzles. The controls are intuitive, even when using a touchscreen. If you dig its creepy vibe, Limbo is certainly worth buying as a welcome twist to the sidescroller genre.
Vine (free) from Vine Labs gets a major update in version 1.3. The video-sharing app has introduced 15 new channels, new video capture tools and a section that highlights “new and interesting Viners.” Vine also becomes more like Twitter with new protected accounts, and last but not least, the ability to “revine,” which lets users share their favorite Vines with followers in one tap. It’s Vine’s version of the retweet, and social media reaction on the new feature seems to be mixed, at best.


The first major update has arrived for Yahoo! Weather (free) by Yahoo! Version 1.1 offers ultraviolet information for select countries. The hourly forecast has been increased to 24 hours, and the daily forecast now shows the next 10 days. Yahoo! also claims the app features an “improved” icon, but whether or not you think it’s an improvement likely depends on your affinity for purple app icons.

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