Apps: Angry Birds Star Wars 1.3, Myspace 3.0.1, QR Reader 3.5 + Word Lens 2.1.1

Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars ($1) has upgraded to version 1.3.0, and with it comes Lando Bird, a bird based on Billy Dee Williams’ famously suave Lando Calrissian. The game picks up at the point where Lando Bird is joining the Rebel Alliance, for those trying to keep their Star Wars and Star Wars Angry Birds timelines in order. Rovio has added 20 new Cloud City levels, new power-ups, new bonus levels, and a new boss fight — players can now take on Lard Vader. The same updates have been added to the iPad-only Angry Birds Star Wars HD ($3).

Apps: Angry Birds Star Wars 1.3, Myspace 3.0.1, QR Reader 3.5 + Word Lens 2.1.1

Myspace has completely revamped its free Myspace app to match the changes on its site.

The new app now has a GIF creator and Social Radio, which allows users to create personal radio stations, like Pandora. It’s easier to connect with people through People Browse, and a number of other social sharing features have been added. There’s a heavier emphasis on music — will it be enough to get people talking about Myspace again?
TapMedia Ltd. has updated QR Reader (free) to version 3.5. The redesigned QR Reader now lets users scan printed URLs — the website can then be opened within the app or in Safari.

A number of other new scanning features have also been added, including Scan to PDF, which turns photos into PDF files, Scan to Pay, which allows users to pay and receive funds via PayPal, and Scan to Share.


Quest Visual’s Word Lens (free) is one of the more amazing apps we’ve seen. Using a device’s camera, Word Lens lets users translate printed words in real-time to different languages. For instance, if you’re looking at a menu written in Spanish, Word Lens will translate the words onscreen into English, or vice-versa. Additional language pairs are available for a $5 in-app purchase.