Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars ($1) has updated to version 1.4. The game now features 30 new Endor levels. New gameplay elements including bouncing items off drums and waking up jumping Ewoks have also been introduced with the update. A big battle has also been added, in which players must destroy a bunker to disable the Death Star’s deflector shield. Angry Birds HD ($3) for iPad has also been updated.

Apps: Angry Birds Star Wars, Infinity Blade 3, Reeder 2, ShutterSnitch 2.11 + Strata

Epic Games debuted Infinity Blade III ($7) during Apple’s iPhone event on Tuesday. The newest adventure in Epic’s acclaimed series is scheduled to hit the App Store next Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Silvio Rizzi has introduced Reeder 2 ($5). The new RSS reader is a sequel of sorts to Rizzi’s Reeder, and it brings the reader back to the iPad — Reeder 2 is universal. Reeder 2 is a client for Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever, and Readability. It has a number of new sharing services, and its new interface has been redesigned to match iOS 7. Gesture-based navigation has also made its way into the new app.
ShutterSnitch ($20) from 2ndNature has updated to version 2.11.0. The update for the wireless photo app brings support for the GoPro HERO3, a Wi-Fi video camera. ShutterSnitch has also added AirDrop into export options, just before the upcoming public release of iOS 7. More card slots are now supported, as well.


Strata ($1), the popular Mac game, has made its way to iOS. Graveck’s puzzler requires users to layer colors ribbons to match patterns. Moves must be sequenced correctly to complete the levels, of which there are hundreds. With its soothing music and gentle gameplay, Strata gives you a mental workout, but never feels frantic.

Phil Dzikiy

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