Apps: Automatic 2.0, Paper 1.2, Slingshot + WebMD 5.0


Automatic Labs, makers of the Automatic Link, has released version 2.0 of the Automatic app. The free app, which can only be used in conjunction with the accessory, has been redesigned and can now give users fuel level updates and low-fuel warnings. Also, the speed warning alerts can now be customized to whatever speed the user wants.

Apps: Automatic 2.0, Paper 1.2, Slingshot + WebMD 5.0

Facebook has updated its Paper (free) app to version 1.2. The app has added a number of new features, many of which have long been accessible through the original Facebook app. A user can now edit his or her profile picture and cover photo, view photo tags, tag friends, add hashtags, copy text, and more. It may not sound like much to normal users of the Facebook app, but considering Paper’s added visual appeal, some people may prefer Paper as the features come closer to achieving parity.
Also new from Facebook today is Slingshot (free), the company’s answer to Snapchat. Like Snapchat, users can take photos and videos — with added captions, if they prefer — and send it to a friend. Users can also add drawings to their photos. When a shot or video is swiped away, it’s gone forever. Unlike Snapchat, recipients won’t be able to see what’s been sent until they send something back. The app encourages participation, but some longtime Snapchat users might be frustrated by the back-and-forth nature.

Apps: Automatic 2.0, Paper 1.2, Slingshot + WebMD 5.0

WebMD has updated its WebMD (free) app to version 5.0. The update is notable for one key reason: it has introduced Healthy Target, a program that tracks health data in one place, much like Apple’s recently announced HealthKit. Users can connect an activity tracker, wireless scale, or glucometer to view all the data in one place. Healthy Target supports devices from Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Entra, and Telcare. Though it won’t be exactly the same as what HealthKit will offer, this app should give users a decent idea of what Apple’s trying to do.

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