Apps: Bad Piggies 1.4, Cobra iRadar 3.2, Drinkspiration 2.06 + Pac-Man Dash!

Rovio’s Bad Piggies ($1) — both the standard and iPad HD versions — have been updated to version 1.4. Bad Piggies now features 30 new Rise & Swine levels for players. Also included in the update are new power-ups including super glue, magnets, and turbo charges, plus the new grappling hook item, and the Super Mechanic, which lets players get three stars on any level. The Super Mechanic can be earned or purchased.


Cobra iRadar (free) from Cobra Electronics Corporation has updated to version 3.2. The iRadar app has always aided users of the Cobra iRadar detectors, but now, the app offers shared radar detection data and Live Police locations as an in-app purchase for those who don’t own the detector. Also added in the latest update were music controls, background alerts, and a countdown that shows the distance between alerts.
Absolut Vodka’s free Drinkspiration By Absolut app has upgraded to version 2.06. New drink collections such as “Summer Essentials” have been added to the app, which helps users make drinks and get personalized drink recommendations. Also helping would-be drink makers are Drinkspiration’s mixology lessons, which have all been added to the app for free.


Pac-Man Dash! (free) from NamcoBandai Games puts the legendary circular hero into an side-scrolling endless runner. Pac-Man runs on his own, while the player only controls his jumping by touching the screen. The game features a variety of different stages and more than 70 missions. Pac-Man can also use power-ups to further his advancement through the levels. Up to four game files can be saved within the game so multiple players can get involved. The game also lets U.S. users rent items within the game based on barcodes found on Pac-Man toys.

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