Beamdog’s Baldur’s Gate II ($15) Enhanced Edition has arrived on iPad. This edition of the classic fantasy RPG includes the original Shadows of Amn campaign, in addition to a number of expansions, including the Throne of Bhaal expansion. The game is only available for iPad and requires 2.5 GB of free space.

Apps: Baldur’s Gate II, In Fear I Trust, Podcasts 2.0.1 + Sidecar Ride 3.0

In Fear I Trust ($3) is a new 17+ rated nightmarish puzzle game from Chillingo. It’s available for iPhone and iPad, but not compatible with iPod touch. Look for more information tomorrow in our new Game of the Week feature.
Apple’s Podcasts (free) app has updated to version 2.0.1. Podcasts initially showed users today it was updating to version 2.0, leading to some confusion, as that update happened in late October. Eventually the date and version number were corrected. The new update lets users pull to refresh subscriptions, and two major issues were fixed — one issue stopped playback unexpectedly, while another issue prevented subscriptions from updating with new episodes.


Sidecar Ride is a free app for Sidecar, a ride-sharing service similar to Uber and Lyft. The app from has updated to version 3.0, offering faster booking flow and improved address input. New driver profiles are included, and users can select favorite drivers from the map, as well. Sidecar is currently available in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Seattle, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, and Washington DC, with more cities to be added in the future.

Phil Dzikiy

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