Apps: Bank of America, Dragon Quest VIII, Pocket 5.5 + TED 2.3


Bank of America has updated its free apps for both iPhone and iPad to versions 5.0.1629 and 5.0.2, respectively. The iPhone app has been redesigned with a number of new features, including requesting replacement debit or credit cards, viewing available credit on credit cards, adding transfer recipients from personal contacts, modifying scheduled bill payments, ordering copies of posted checks, and more. On iPad, there are also new features, though the list is shorter and matches features seen within the iPhone app.

Apps: Bank of America, Dragon Quest VIII, Pocket 5.5 + TED 2.3

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest VIII, originally released for Playstation 2 in 2004, has come to iOS for the first time. It doesn’t come cheap — Dragon Quest VIII is the rare $20 iOS game —but to some fans it won’t matter, as the classic RPG is available in full with no in-app purchases. As one might expect, the port has a new control system designed to work with touchscreens. Gamers can switch between one-handed and two-handed play, and the combat system now allows for one-tap battles if desired. Although iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and the first iPad mini are included on the compatible device list, Square Enix says some instability may occur on these devices, allowing for freezing or crashing. We’d recommend using one of Apple’s current devices to play the game.
Read It Later’s free Pocket has introduced a new pay service, Pocket Premium, in version 5.5. Pocket Premium features a permanent library that automatically keeps a copy of whatever you save, even if it disappears from the web. A new search offers users more ways to look, and personalized tag suggestions have also been added. The service is available for $5 a month, or $45 a year.

Apps: Bank of America, Dragon Quest VIII, Pocket 5.5 + TED 2.3

The free TED app from TED Conferences has upgraded to version 2.3 with new features. New playlists offer groupings of similar TED Talks into one place. A discovery feature makes it much easier to find specific topics mentioned in talks — tags mark everything from bees to magic to sustainability. More subtitles have been included, as well, as more than 100 languages are now featured within the app, though not all TED Talks support all languages.

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