Apps: Beats Music 2.0, Botanicula, OneNote for iPhone 2.2.1 + Snapchat

Beats Music has come to iPad with version 2.0.0. The app features the same functionality as the iPhone-designed version with native iPad support in landscape and portrait modes. In-app subscription and account management is now available through an iTunes account. A Find Your Friends feature has also been added to the app, to let users find and follow Twitter friends who use Beats Music.

Apps: Beats Music 2.0, Botanicula, OneNote for iPhone 2.2.1 + Snapchat

Botanicula was released for OS X about two years ago, and today it makes its iOS debut with a $5 price tag.

A point-and-click adventure game, Botanicula lets players guide a small cast of tiny creatures along branches in order to save the last seed from their home tree. A beautifully designed, wordless adventure, it combines puzzle gameplay with a whimsical, unique look and feel. The game earned plenty of praise for its charm and imagination upon its first release, and should find a whole new audience on iOS.
Digital note taking app Microsoft OneNote for iPhone (free) has updated to version 2.2.1. The app has been redesigned for iOS 7, which it requires to run. Office Lens is a new scanner feature which lets users take pictures of documents — the documents are automatically cropped and enhanced and added to notes.

OneNote also now offers section tabs, which makes it easier to create and manage sections. It’s now easier to take quick notes by tapping the bottom right corner of the app, and users can also create as many notebooks as they want with the new update.

Snapchat has announced a major update for its app that should be showing up in the App Store at any moment today. The app now offers chat, which offers the same functionality for messages as it does for photos — as soon as you leave the chat screen, the messages will be cleared. If a friend is present, the app will notify you and offer the ability to have a live face-to-face video chat.