Each time there’s a new version of Can Knockdown, we stand up and take notice. On the surface, the universal iOS release Can Knockdown 3 ($2) is the type of super-simple game that once dominated the App Store—flick to toss balls at cans, knocking them over. Yet developer Infinite Dreams keeps raising the bar with each iteration, this time improving the realtime 3-D graphics to virtually photorealistic levels on Retina iPads, and adding puzzles to the 100 included levels. While the music is only alright, the sound effects, controls, and graphics otherwise work really nicely together, and the levels continue to evolve in challenge as you continue playing. Currently on sale for only $1, this should be a no-brainer download if you’re looking for something fun to occupy your spare time.

Apps: Can Knockdown 3, eBay 3.0/2.3, Jungle Book + Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0

eBay has updated its free iOS apps for both the iPhone and iPad, bumping them to versions 3.0.0 and 2.3.0, respectively. The iPhone app has been redesigned, including larger photos for users of iOS 6 and beyond. Most notably, the app allows users of some US states to scan in their drivers licenses for fast and easy eBay registration. Last minute bidding has also been improved, and the new eBay Shopping Cart lets users check out multiple items at once. The updated iPad app makes a number of changes as well, including improved photos and easier browsing.
The Jungle Book ($5) is the newest 3-D interactive pop-up book from StoryToys based on the classic tales by Rudyard Kipling. Children can join Mowgli as he avoids Shere Khan in the jungles of India. Readers can take part in the story by picking thorns out of a wolf’s paws, giving elephants a cooling mud bath, knocking fruit off trees and more. The Jungle Book is designed for children ages four and up.


Sega has released a new remastered version 2.0 of Sonic The Hedgehog on iOS. Though it costs $3, those who already had the previous version of Sonic will be able to update to the new universal release for free. In addition to virtual control improvements, the game now plays in widescreen at 60FPS, and Tails and Knuckles have both been added as playable characters. A time attack mode has been added as well. Based on considerably changed emulator code, the game is much improved over the prior version, and Sega warns previous owners of Sonic that their saved game files are incompatible with this 2.0 version.

Phil Dzikiy

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