CBS Sports (free) from CBS Interactive now features full iPad support. Version 6.0 of the redesigned app features live video, including SEC football games, NCAA basketball games, PGA Tour events, and various CBS Sports shows. When it comes to live scores, CBS Sports doesn’t offer scoring in as many leagues as ESPN’s ScoreCenter, but it’s still extensive and won’t affect most users of the app. Considering how quick and reliable scoring is on CBS Sports’ website, the CBS Sports app will likely be a good alternative to other popular offerings.

Apps: CBS Sports 6.0, KeyMe, Moose Math + Skype 4.1

KeyMe’s free KeyMe: Digital Keychain is an interesting new app that allows users to take a picture of their house keys for storage in the cloud. The app offers instructions on making the keys from scratch, so that if users get locked out, they could conceivably go to a local hardware store or locksmith to get a new key. KeyMe also lets users order copies of keys directly from the app for $10 each. The keys are then mailed to the user, in a number of different designs. It’s also possible to share digital copies of keys with family and friends.


Duck Duck Moose’s new Moose Math ($6) features a variety of different activities designed to teach kids how to count and identify numbers. Fun and cheery, the app combines an unusually high degree of animation and customization with the classic look of other Duck Duck Moose titles, without reusing a lot of older content from the well-known developer. Activities are structured around a simple world map that kids are able to customize, using prize items won by completing activities. It’s a very nicely done and polished educational app, that’s good for young kids.



Skype for iPad (free) from Skype Communications has added HD-quality video calls in version 4.10, specifically for the fourth-generation iPad; Skype for iPhone 4.10 similarly adds HD calling to the iPhone 5. The “HD” video doesn’t start out looking particularly high-definition, but improves after several seconds if the devices have enough bandwidth to support improved quality. Nothing special needs to be done to enable the HD feature. If the devices are capable of handling it, the video switches automatically into HD as the call progresses.

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