Apps: Chrome 27, Eye-Fi 3.0, Star Wars: KOTOR + TripDeck

Google’s Chrome (free) has been updated to version 27.0.1453.10. Voice search has been improved in the update, as the app now features faster voice recognition, with text results streamed on the fly. Answers are now spoken back to users, and web results are tailored to questions. Pages also reload faster now, even if the network is slow or unavailable.

Eye-Fi (free) has updated its app to version 3.0 with iPhone 5 screen support, as well as a somewhat redesigned interface, and support for the new mobile device-focused Mobi model of the Eye-Fi card. Bug fixes and stability improvements are also included in the update, along with in-app video playback.


As the latest classic RPG to make its way onto the iPad, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($10) remains completely faithful to the venerable decade-old original while adding UI elements appropriate for a touchscreen device. Knights of the Old Republic takes place 4,000 years before the events of the Star Wars movies, letting you control a minor character in the Old Republic, caught up in the struggle between the Light and Dark sides of The Force. You engage in RPG-style battles, make decisions that place you on the Light or Dark side, and hunt for the all-powerful Star Forge which will determine the fate of the galaxy. The iPad version follows all of the classic tabletop RPG rules and elements that made the original such a widespread success, and has been reasonably well adapted for the iOS platform, although the controls take a little getting used to. A very effective in-game tutorial is integrated into the storyline, teaching controls and options; the price is a bit high for a classic title, however, and iPad Retina Display users may be disappointed in the lack of high-resolution assets.



TripDeck (free) by Mobiata is a useful travel itinerary manager for those on the go. Using a “trip card” interface, TripDeck allows a user to manage hotel reservations, car rentals, flights, cruises, restaurants, meetings, and more, using the app. Notably, TripDeck automatically syncs data from a user’s TripIt itineraries—just e-mail your air, car, hotel, and other confirnations to TripIt for instant processing—and allows for quick access to flight information and an alternate flight finder. Paid add-on features include push notifications and a real-time flight tracker similar to options in Mobiata’s FlightTrack Pro software.

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