Apps: Dark Sky 4.0, Jet Car Stunts 2, Touch Force + tvtag

Jackadam’s Dark Sky ($4) weather forecast app is known for telling users exactly when precipitation will start to fall, an hour in advance. In version 4.0.0, the app has been completely redone for iOS 7, with extended 24-hour and 7-day forecasts. All new global maps have also been added to the visually appealing app. If you experience issues opening the app after updating to 4.0.0, delete it and re-install it; we found that this was necessary to enable the updated app to run.

Jet Car Stunts 2 (free) is the new sequel to True Axis’ Jet Car Stunts. The game features what the developer describes as “crazy stunt driving on outlandish courses,” and it’s hard to argue with that. Gamers use onscreen buttons to control speed while tilting the device to steer and adjust its angle for jumps The free version’s depth is questionable, but the first 10 levels are free. After that, in-app purchases are required to continue. Silky-smooth polygonal graphics will remind classic gamers of early 3-D driving games from Atari and Sega.


Touch Force (free) from Superstar Games is a fun pick up and play shooter. With multi-touch controls specificaly designed for touchscreen play, gamers can use multiple fingers to create up to five shooting pods at once. If a pod gets hit by an enemy, the power bar drops. Taking a finger off the screen removes a pod, creating some interesting gameplay possibilities regarding when to go full-blast and when to take it easier. An Arcade mode is available from the get-go, and it’s $1 to unlock the full game.



Formerly known as GetGlue, tvtag (free) is i.TV’s new app for social media TV watching. Users can discuss shows in real-time, create doodles and memes, vote in live audience polls, and of course, unlock digital stickers when checking in to watch a show. Sports updates are also included in the app.

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