Apps: Dinosaur Train A to Z, Intro to Letters 2.0, Pinball Arcade 3.3 + Yahoo Fantasy Sports 5.4

Dinosaur Train A to Z ($2) from PBS Kids uses characters from the show Dinosaur Train to teach kids about 26 different dinosaurs — one for each letter of the alphabet. Children can feed the dinosaurs, explore x-rays, and learn more than 50 facts. Additional dinosaur packs can also be purchased. The app is narrated by Mr. Conductor, who fans of the show know is a Troodon. That’s right, T is for Troodon in this app, not Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaur Train isn’t afraid of getting a bit obscure.

Montessorium’s Intro to Letters ($10) has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 in version 2.0. The Montessori-based letter-learning app has also added a new feature, Recording Studio. In Recording Studio, adults can record, save and use their own voiceovers to teach their children the letters. As the app’s description claims, “You learn best from the ones that you love.” The app is currently $5 for a limited time.


Pinball Arcade ($1) from FarSight Studios has added the Black Knight 2000 table in version 3.3. The table, which costs $5, is a classic Williams table from 1989. Pinball Arcade is also currently featuring 1997’s Medieval Madness as the table of the month — the original machine featured voicework from Tina Fey. A challenge mode has also been added to Pinball Arcade.



Yahoo Fantasy Sports (free) has updated to version 5.4 as “one app to rule them all.” Yahoo is no longer making it necessary for fantasy sports users to download separate apps for each sport — the updated app lets users manage teams in football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, all from the same app. Additionally, the app has enabled mobile baseball drafting, just in time for baseball season. Mock drafts are also available within the app.

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