Apps: djay 2 2.1, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, FIFA 14 + TiltShiftGen2

Algoriddim’s djay 2 ($10) is now ready for iOS 7 in version 2.1. The music mixing app has a new library, and new sample packs from Snoop Dogg and DJ Qbert. DJ Qbert also has his name on new built-in scratch tools within the app. djay 2 has also added support for inter-app audio, and tracks now load faster in iOS 7. On the iPhone 5S version, Harmonic Match has been added to enable automatic key matching of two songs in realtime.

Apps: djay 2 2.1, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, FIFA 14 + TiltShiftGen2

PBS Kids recently released a newer Daniel Tiger app, but Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home ($2) is still in the App Store. Play at Home lets kids play with five different games, including Doctor, Bedtime, In Daniel’s Bathroom, Feel the Music, and Sticker Book.
EA Sports’ FIFA 14 (free) has finally come to the U.S. App Store. The game features 33 leagues, more than 600 teams, and more than 16,000 players. Without in-app purchases, the modes and teams are limited—you’re able to play daily games with a limited selection of EA-chosen matchups.

If you want to use all of the modes, you can spend $5 to unlock everything. The new touch/swipe controls make for a completely different experience than the console game — definitely try one of the free modes before you decide to go ahead and make the purchase to unlock the full game.


Art & Mobile’s TiltShiftGen2 ($1) is the iOS 7-specific sequel to the photo processing tool TiltShiftGen, which was enjoyed for years by many users, including iLounge’s editors. TiltShiftGen 2 lets users transform photos in a number of different styles, approximating the tilt/shift lenses that are particularly popular with Japanese photographers. ToyCamera style effects include the miniature effect and vintage effect.