Apps: djay 2 2.0.2, Flickr 2.20, The Room Epilogue + Twitter 5.10


Algoriddim’s djay 2 has been updated for both iPhone ($2) and iPad ($10) to version 2.0.2. Both versions have added support for the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2 DJ controller, improved syncing with tapped BPM, an improved “analyze library,” and improved sampler button mapping for supported DJ controllers. The iPhone version has also added Slip Mode in waveform view.

Apps: djay 2 2.0.2, Flickr 2.20, The Room Epilogue + Twitter 5.10

Flickr (free) from Yahoo! has updated to version 2.20.1134. With the update comes filters, which have become popular in other photo apps. Flickr features stock and customizable filters, as well as live filters, which show what the filtered picture will look like before taking the shot. New camera tools have been added, including grids, pinch-to-zoom, and locking focus and exposure points. Additionally, pro editing tools such as enhance, crop, sharpen, and more are free to use within the app. New animated transitions between the camera and editing tools have also been added.
The Room ($1) from Fireproof Games has added an all new epilogue chapter in version 1.0.2. The new chapter of the acclaimed iPad mystery puzzle game adds about an hour’s worth of additional gameplay into a pretty complex series of puzzles, as well as two interesting new videos. It also teases the release of The Room Two, which is due for release later this year.


Twitter (free) has revamped its conversations in version 5.10, as a blue line under the Home tab is now used to show conversations between users you follow. The tweets are now grouped together and connected by the line, which is already divisive, as the very first tweet in the conversation now appears above the most recent reply, essentially ignoring the standard timeline. New notification settings have also been added.

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