Apps: FIFA 2.0, Kindle 4.3, Sky Force 2014 + Sleep Genius


FIFA has updated its free FIFA Official App before the start of the World Cup this week. As one might expect, the updated app has more information about the World Cup, including the latest news, rosters, schedule, and information on the Brazilian stadiums and cities hosting the tournament. Another upcoming update that FIFA claims will come before the tournament kicks off — in the next few days — will give users a way to follow live game action and participate in “the biggest football conversation in history” with other users.

Apps: FIFA 2.0, Kindle 4.3, Sky Force 2014 + Sleep Genius

Amazon’s free Kindle app has updated to version 4.3, introducing the integration of Audible audiobooks. Customers who own the Kindle and Audible versions of a book can now listen to the audiobook from within the Kindle app. Users can switch back and forth between reading a Kindle book and listening to the book, or read and listen at the same time as the pages turn automatically. More than 45,000 Kindle/Audible book pairs are available. Additionally, the app now lets users download an entire collection of books at once.
Sky Force 2014 from Infinite Dreams is a 10th anniversary edition update of the original Sky Force. An overhead shooter which was originally sold for $10 on Nokia devices, Sky Force 2014 is free on iOS. Players use the touchscreen to guide a continuously firing ship over 3-D-textured landscapes, taking out enemies and picking up stranded people along the way. The graphics are simple in concept, but packed with Retina details and well-executed, accompanied by a pretty nice soundtrack. As of the just-released version 1.01, it’s claimed the game has in-app purchases, but we couldn’t figure out where they were — not such a bad thing. For free, Sky Force 2014 is certainly worth a try, as it’s a challenging shooter.

Apps: FIFA 2.0, Kindle 4.3, Sky Force 2014 + Sleep Genius

Developed by experts in neuroscience, sleep, sound, and music, Sleep Genius (free) is designed to help users get a better night’s rest by focusing on sounds and rhythms that improve the quality and length of sleep. The app specifically eschews white noise generation as a bad idea, instead focusing on other sounds that it claims are geared toward guiding the brain through its natural sleep rhythms. The basic version of the app provides a simple sleep algorithm, with additional features such as relaxation and “power nap” routines available as a “Premium” in-app purchase for $5. Several different sound patterns are available for variety and individual preferences, and users can also choose a gentle wake-up alarm pattern and personalize their profile by responding to diagnostic questions about their sleep habits, satisfaction, and energy levels.

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