Apps: Findery, Gmail 3.0, Real Racing 3 2.1 + Star Wars: KOTOR 1.2

2bkco’s Findery (free) was in beta for a long time, but it’s finally hit the App Store today as a full, finished app ready for launch. Findery lets users leave notes in locations all around the world — anything from personal anecdotes, to historical facts, and more. The notes — made of text and images — can be made private or public, and notifications can tell users when someone has commented on or favorited one of their notes. It’s clear that some time in beta has allowed Findery to build up a decent inventory of notes before its launch.

Users can search for notes in a map view, through recent activity, or by created “notemaps.”

Apps: Findery, Gmail 3.0, Real Racing 3 2.1 + Star Wars: KOTOR 1.2

Gmail (free) from Google has updated to version 3.0. The new update brings background app refresh, so the app can receive mail even when it’s not open. Background app refresh requires iOS 7 and one type of notification to be turned on. Gmail is also now offering a simplified sign-in — all Google apps are linked, so signing in to any Google apps will sign users into all other Google apps.
EA’s Real Racing 3 (free) has updated to version 2.1.

The new update allows users to customize all of the game’s 80+ vehicles. Players can change the rims, the ride height, and more, and share with other players in Photo Mode. New cars have been added, including the Aston Martin D89, Vanquish, and V12 Vantage S. Last but not least, Real Racing 3 now supports iOS 7 controllers.