Apps: Flixster 6.6, Navigon N.A. 2.6.1, NBA 2K14 + Paper 1.4

Flixster’s free app with the lengthy title — Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes — has upgraded to version 6.6. The update brings HD streaming to select titles. The app also features a brand new design for iOS 7. Flixster notes those who are having issues with streaming movies due to the update should log out and log back in to fix the problem.

Navigon North America ($40) from Garmin has updated to version 2.6.1. As one might expect, it’s been updated to support iOS 7, and there are some bug fixes, but the big change is the app is now compatible with Garmin HUD. Garmin’s HUD — for Head-Up Display — projects navigation information onto a driver’s windshield from the app. HUD is an interesting concept that keeps eyes on the road while using navigation data, but the $150 device is a separate purchase from the already pricey app.


2K Sports has released NBA 2K14 ($8) for iOS today. The newest edition of the annual hoops game stars reigning NBA MVP LeBron James — and he is everywhere, even doing voice work for the game. Players can take control of James’ specific career, as well, keeping him on the Heat, or making him move on to another team. Also included is a soundtrack handpicked by King James himself, featuring plenty of popular musicians. NBA 2K14 is a full reproduction of the console game, and it allows for real-time multiplayer games. Gamers can choose between classic control, and one-finger control mode, which some may find more comfortable on an iPad or iPhone. A multi-season mode lets players build their own NBA dynasties, while iCloud backs up all game content across devices.



FiftyThree’s Paper (free) has updated to version 1.4.0. The app now offers a Book option, in conjunction with Moleskine. Paper now lets users create and order a 15-page book on accordion-folded, matte paper, with a custom cover. The book can be filled with anything the user can create in Paper, though it will set you back $40.

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