Apps & Games News section added, comments appreciated

Ever since the App Store opened in 2008, we’ve been working to determine the “correct” balance of iPhone/iPod touch application and game news for our readers, while looking for the right place to put that news on our main page. Now that Jesse Hollington has come on board as our full-time Applications Editor, we have an interim solution in place, and are looking for your feedback.

This week, we added a new section to the main page specifically for Apps & Games News, which you will hopefully see on the left hand column near the iLounge Poll.

Like all of the left column sections, you can collapse this one if you don’t care about apps and games, move it downwards, or move it upwards and keep it open. Since a very significant percentage of iLounge’s readers now own iPhones or iPod touches, we think that many people—but not everyone—will want to keep it open.

Another option would be to integrate the same Apps and Games headlines completely within the main News column, giving the stories equal footing with all other news, or otherwise include them solely as headlines in a dedicated box like our reader comment spotlight.

Since news for this section can range from small to important, depending on both the story and the individual reader, there are reasons that each approach might work.

So we’d like to know what you’d prefer, and why. Please share your (on topic) thoughts in the Comments area below.