Apps: Google Maps + Waze, OverDrive 3.0, Procreate 1.9 + Sonic Dash 1.5

Apps: Google Maps + Waze, OverDrive 3.0, Procreate 1.9 + Sonic Dash 1.5 1

Google has announced new Waze integration with Google Maps. The Google Maps app for iOS will now show real-time incident reports from Waze users, such as accidents, construction, and road closures. The feature is rolling out on the back-end Google Maps servers—there is no need for an update to the Google Maps app for iOS—and will be available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, U.K. and the U.S. An update to the Waze app is also in the works that will add Google Search along with Street View and satellite imagery in the Waze Map Editor.

Apps: Google Maps + Waze, OverDrive 3.0, Procreate 1.9 + Sonic Dash 1.5 2

OverDrive has released a major update to its OverDrive Media Console for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The OverDrive app provides free library book borrowing-style access to thousands of e-books and audiobooks for members of over 22,000 libraries around the world. Version 3.0 provides a whole new look with simplified menus and a built-in tutorial to help first-time users get started. The update also adds variable speed audiobook playback and the ability to sync recent position and bookmarks across multiple devices. It’s definitely worth checking out.



Apps: Google Maps + Waze, OverDrive 3.0, Procreate 1.9 + Sonic Dash 1.5 3

Savage Interactive has updated Procreate to version 1.9. The update removes all in-app purchases, thus making the Artery brushes completely free. The new version also adds Full HD canvas recording, 1080p video output, sharing of videos via Photos, Dropbox, iTunes or e-mail. It also adds support for Wacom’s just-released Intuos Creative Stylus while improving support for the Adonit Jot Touch.


Apps: Google Maps + Waze, OverDrive 3.0, Procreate 1.9 + Sonic Dash 1.5 4

Sega has released a version 1.5 update to Sonic Dash, adding a new Daily Spin feature along with a selection of new Boosters to help players score even higher. The Daily Spin offers an opportunity to various in-game prizes, including ring bundles, playable characters, and five new score boosters. Players can also now take advantage of Facebook integration to invite their friends to try and beat their high scores.

  1. Version 3 update for Overdrive is terrible. Don’t take my word for it! Go to the reviews on iTunes and see for yourself. Partial list of issues: they Broke the page turning functionality. The app is buggy and crashes thru some features. When you come back to the app you don’t go straight to your current book like it used to do, you must now tap again to continue reading. Who thought that was a good idea. Also, there is no way to easily send a comment from the app. Guess they do t care what the end user thinks!
    Former satisfied user…

  2. Oddly I’ve given up on Google Maps which I’d made my home page maps app for some time now, and returned to using Apple Maps. First there were too many times when I’d search for something like Kohl’s and Google Maps would show me only one store, not the multiple stores around me in San Jose which might allow me to pick the one nearest to me given traffic conditions or whatever. Apple Maps works like I remember Google Maps used to work here.

    Then there were the times it kept suggesting places in cities hundreds or even thousands of miles away when there was a place around the corner. Odd. Not problems I’ve run into with the web version, but whatever, I’ve punted Google Maps off the phone again.

    We’ll see if Apple Maps is sufficiently improved to keep its new place.

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